For the Beauty of the Earth, May 20th, 2017

This is a link to a short video of us performing:  For the Beauty of the Earth video

“Better yet if called by a panther…..don’t anther.”

“The firefly’s flame is something for which science has no name. I can think of nothing eerier, than flying around with an unidentified glow on a person’s posterior.”

“The song of canaries never varies never varies…And when they’re moulting, they’re pretty revolting!”

“I don’t mind eels, except as meals, and the way they feels….Eeew, eew, eew, eew, eeeew. Yuck.”

“O Kangaroo, O Kangaroo…be grateful that you’re in the zoo….”

Our Accompanist Extraordinaire, Shirley Smith!

Two of our very talented Sopranos!

We are so grateful to have such a talented and delightful Maestro, Matt LaRocca!

Our young Composer, Matthew Skelley! We enjoyed “premiering” your wonderful piece, ‘Uvavnuk’s Song’!