Practice Links

Spring 2018 Practice Links

Printable PDF of Warm-ups

If Music Be the Food of Love YouTube video also out of Salt Lake City.  Dr. David Dickau is Director of Choral Activities at Minnesota State University, Mankato, MN 

River in Judea This gospel is a collaboration with words from Linda Marcus, music by Jack Feldman, and was arranged by John Leavitt

And So It Goes This is Billy Joel favorite is performed on YouTube audio by the Ken Davis Chorale

Three MadrigalsBased upon three Bill Shakespeare favs:  Twelfth Night, Act II, Scene II;  Measure by Measure, Act IV, Scene I; Much Ado About Nothing Act II, Scene III.  From Emma Lou Diemer

A Lullaby YouTube video performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and directed by the composer Ryan Murphy!  Dr. Murphy graduated from the former Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT

StarsYouTube from the National University of Singapore Choir with music from Ēriks Ešenvalds and poetry from Sara Teasdale 

Below are some rehearsal videos to help you learn your specific vocal part:(Please Note: there is some background noise in the Stars parts.)

Soprano:    If Music      River         And So     Stars_S1     Stars_S2   

                       3 Madrigals :    O Mistress Mine        Take O Take        Sigh No More

Alto:            If Music      River         And So     Stars_A1      Stars_A2

                     3 Madrigals :     O Mistress Mine        Take O Take         Sigh No More

Tenor:        If Music      River        And So      Stars_T1      Stars_T2      

                     3 Madrigals:      O Mistress Mine        Take O Take         Sigh No More

Bass:          If Music      River        And So       Stars_B1       Stars_B2

                    3 Madrigals:    O Mistress Mine          Take O Take          Sigh No More